The Advantages of Manual Testing

Discover the numerous benefits of manual testing for improved security measures.
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Praise the Hacker

At Defcon 31, I was chatting with my colleague Mickey about random stuff as he ...
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The Dangers of CBC Mode

Today, data is everything. For our complicated digital infrastructure to ...
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Phishing: Soft Skills Required

Have you ever wondered just how easy it is to send phishing emails? Well, can ...
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Depending on Binwalk

Over the years, I've found myself using Virtual Machines for running reverse ...
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Who's Responsible for Computer Security—Remote Workers or the IT Team?

Working remotely is nothing new; many companies allowed it before the pandemic, ...
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Lessons About 3rd Party Risk and Application Security from MOVEit

By now, you probably heard about the cascade of data breaches that occurred ...
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Level Up Your Security: Discover the Advantages of Increased Effort in a Security Assessment

We all make choices about effort. There are only so many hours in a day, and ...
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What's the Point in Hacking Toilets?

So…what’s the point in hacking toilets?
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